Meet the “Most Armed Man” in America

He goes by “Dragon Man” from Dragon Man’s Range outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  His brother taped a 20-minute video of the grandfatherly gent walking through his private military museum.  Now on YouTube, the video provides an level of firearms ownership all POTG should aspire to achieve.

Dragon Man has quite a collection.  As the camera pans, he gestures to his 65,000 square feet of ballistic goodness.  Inside, it houses 3000 working weapons, 88 running vehicles, 900 uniformed mannequins.  Everything works, he says.  Dragon Man brags on the 200-plus full auto guns in his name, including 13 Ma Deuces.

He’s got a collection, including real “guns”.  You’ll have to watch it to see the artillery and recoilless rifles.    He’s got dynamite, cyanide, uniforms, a tank, jeeps and a whole lot more of militaria collectables, including a lot of very rare stuff.

“Everything works.  Nothing’s fake.  Because this is a private collection, not a government museum, everything can work,” he tells the cameraman.

He’s got six 1000-pound bombs.  Not to be outdone, Dragon Man’s got cluster bombs and crates and crates of hand grenades.

Here’s a 20-minute tour of some of the high points of his private museum.

Pour yourself a beverage, get comfortable and hit play.  Make sure you watch it full screen in HD.  Better yet, if you’ve got a smart TV, watch it there.