Worlds MOST FEARED sniper rifle great idea for US Military

This video by the Armed Forces Update is about an idea of a new sniper rifle for the U.S. Military developed by TrackingPoint, an applied technology company based in Austin, Texas. This new precision-guided semi-automatic sniper rifle uses advanced technology to ensure that the shooter will never miss the target.

TrackingPoint has designed a fully integrated system, electronically connecting a tracking system to the precision-guided semi-auto sniper rifle’s trigger. The release of the trigger is computer-guided, eliminating human error.

Utilizing the same technology found in fighter jets, this new precision-guided semi-auto rifle allows the shooter to make extraordinary shots at extreme distances, even on moving targets. All shot data is available to the shooter in the system’s heads up display. Key pieces of data, including distance, target velocity and shot angle are present at all times.

To take a shot, a shooter simply has to press the tag button to designate an impact point. The tracking point system instantly calculates the precise firing solution to make the perfect shot on the designated impact point.

Using TrackingPoint’s shot view app, the shooter can stream their view from the firearm to a smartphone, tablet or shot glass wearables, unlocking a new era for creativity. This app allows for easy sharing and recording of shots in real-time. This also allows the shooter to fire around corners or over barricades.

The precision-guided semi-auto sniper rifle automatically tracks tagged targets moving up to 20 miles per hour. The target’s movements are constantly integrated and analyzed by the system to produce more accurate firing solutions when the target is in active motion.

The rifle has a barrel reference system that takes laser measurements, ensuring permanent zero across the entire system, regardless of shock, vibration, or environmental factors.

Some of the other features of TrackingPoint’s precision-guided semi-auto sniper rifle are the laser range finder, ballistic calculator, built-in WiFi, inertial measurement unit, 3 gyroscopes, and 3 accelerometers.