Testing the Venerable .45/70 Cartridge in Ballistic Gelatin

How hard does the .45/70 cartridge hit ballistic gelatin?

Well Cap and Ball is ready to find out in this great test.

Watch as they target this block of ballistic gelatin and see the incredible power of the .45/70 cartridge.

The old school .45/70 cartridge is still going strong in this modern day. Target shooters and hunters love this heavy hitter as much as they did well over a century ago.

Ammunition has come a long way since those early years of the .45/70 cartridge. What would the differences be between the older style loaded cartridges compared to the newer higher velocity offerings?

Our friend Cap and Ball puts together an excellent video of what each selected test cartridge does to ballistic gelatin blocks. This is a must see video for anyone interested in target shooting vintage rifles and modern day big game hunters.