Laser Stippling for GLOCK and Other Polymer Pistols

So this is a thing. We have all seen all the stippling that is very popular on the GLOCK pistols, and has bled over into the rest of the polymer-framed handgun world. Stippling can be very functional and in some cases, a very aesthetically pleasing art form. It seems to be that it is the “aesthetically pleasing” part that most gun owners have trouble with.

I just had to share with you stippling for the OCD-types; Laser stippling. For those of you that do not know, a laser engraver can burn, cut and/or engrave very precise and very detailed designs into pretty much any substance known to man. It only makes sense that very enterprising folks in the firearm community with access to laser engraver machines will use them to wade into the fray of one of the most popular forms for expression on the plastic pistol, stippling. The result is very uniform and very controlled stippling patterns.

So if you are one of those shooters looking to increase the gription on your blaster but think all the stippling out there is too ugly for your precious pistol, take a look into what is being done with lasers nowadays.


Laser Stippled GLOCK 19

Laser Stippled GLOCK 19 from Molon Labe Engraving