You Won’t Believe the Impact these Custom Made Slugs, Dubbed “Juicers”, Do When They Connect with the Target

Back in January we showed you this very impressive shotgun round, by OATH ammunition, it is their 1.25oz 1600fps all-copper slug designed to expand to an incredible  2.5″ and penetrate just enough to punch through a hostile human with little energy left to harm anyone downrange.

Today we are brining yet another shotgun round, this one is a bit different, ok it’s a lot different. This is a custom round made using a CNC machine.

The Juicer Slug:

The fan named “juicer” slug get’s its name for the fluted design similar to an orange juicer. It doesn’t seem to tumble but it’s flight trajectory is anything but stable. Unfortunately this round only looks cool. Watch it corkscrew through the air as it spirals around the target. When it does connect however, the impact is awesome!