This Shotgun Is so Amazing That Obama’s ATF Isn’t Sure How to Classify It

Normally, most mainline “tactical” shotguns measure within the 18″ barrel ballpark, conforming to standards in arms regulations.

This is just one of several reasons that the new firearm by Black Aces Tactical is not being termed a “shotgun,” despite firing 2-3/4″ 12-gauge shotgun shells.

In addition, this non-shotgun was built without any type of shoulder stock. Without a shoulder brace in its original design, it cannot be classified as a shotgun by the ATF.

However, the overall length is more than 26″ and it has to utilize a forward grip to cycle rounds, meaning the gun doesn’t get to be called a “pistol.” And as a smooth-bore weapon, it’s hardly a rifle, either.

That leaves it nothing else to be other than plain-old “firearm.”

Legally speaking, that’s fantastic. It means, for all of our Second Amendment friends out there, that this gun can transfer from person to person with the greatest possible legal ease.

Now, all of that is awesome — but not without a price. It’s currently running about $1,522 per weapon, according to Legally Armed America.

According to the group’s range tests, not only is this weapon tactically viable, but it’s accurate as well.

This firearm can also easily be tucked away in the proverbial “bug out bag.”

Check out this video below:

It’s worth a pretty penny, but maybe this can be your next step in exercising your Second Amendment rights.

H/T AmericanGG

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