Austin Police Chief: Turn In Gun Owners Who Are Upset At The Government

In response to the recent shooting by Larry McQuilliams that targeted government buildings in Austin, Texas, Police Chief Art Acevedo is asking people in Austin community to turn into the police their friends and neighbors who ‘have any kind of propensity for hatred’, persons with ‘extreme views’ and who are “gun enthusiasts.”

So if you hate that your Republic has become tyrannical and you own a gun, you are in jeopardy of being turned into the cops in Austin, TX. And, mostly likely, if you live anywhere the country very soon you face the same threat as Marxism continues to flourish.

Not only does Acevedo set up his Stasi to gain information on patriots, but he also is setting up a very effective method that tyrannical governments use to control the population: snitches.

The ‘See Something Say Something’ methodology is a direct reflection of the oppressive tactic used in Nazi Germany, where one in seven people were snitches for the government.

As reported by Judge Napolitano, the FBI seeks out people they can convince to carry out terror plots within the United States. They then bust these ‘terrorists’ they helped create so they can get credit for busting them. See the video below.

It’s highly likely that the FBI or other government agencies will take this list of patriots acquired by local law enforcement for the same purpose. Only this time it’s to target their so-called ‘homegrown terrorists’.

This is assured to quickly scare up support to disarm America and quiet dissent. Liberals, including the millions of illegals that are indebted to Obama, will be snitching on whoever they can and protesting in the streets in order to carry out the Marxist agenda by our federal government.

From TAA.