Defiant Gun Range Owner Refuses To Reverse Her Anti-Muslim Policy

Despite the fact that she now faces a potential federal investigation, Jan Morgan said she has no intention of rolling back a controversial policy at her Hot Springs, Ark., gun range. As she announced last year, The Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range is a “Muslim-free zone” due to the inherent risks she identified in allowing followers of the faith access to the facility.

In her initial statement, Morgan cited the fact that the Quran contains “109 verses commanding hate, murder and terror against all human beings who refuse to submit or convert to Islam,” wondering why she would “hand a loaded gun” to someone whose faith teaches such violence.

Recently, the U.S. Justice Department confirmed it is looking into the situation and could possibly launch an investigation. The DOJ response came after the federal agency received a complaint from the Council on American-Islamic Relations late last year.

The backlash, however, seemed to only strengthen Morgan’s resolve. She explained in an interview with The Examiner that she will shut down her business – which has reportedly seen a spike in traffic since she banned Muslims – before putting the lives of its members in jeopardy.

She further addressed CAIR’s complaint in a blog post published on her website Saturday. Instead of monitoring her business, she suggested the Justice Department monitor the Hamas-linked organization behind the criticism.

Morgan claimed she has been threatened by both Muslim groups in the past, noting that this has resulted in increased federal scrutiny of her business and personal life. Furthermore, she cited the FBI’s advice that she pursue any measures necessary “to protect my life and those in my presence,” which she felt included keeping Muslims away from the shooting range.