Watch This Guy Customize a Glock 19 And Turn it in His Dream Gun

Custom Glock 19 | Agency Arms – Credits to Talon Sei

The YouTube series Stuff & Things made an episode of a custom made Glock 19. Talon Sei is presenting us his homemade improved version of the Glock 19, and it looks awesome. Check the video out.

The Glock 19 is a smaller, compact version of the Glock 17. It was made in 1988 primarily for military and Law enforcement. Because of the size, the grip is much better with higher control. What Talon Sei did is that he modified the entire back of the gun, so that the grip is smaller. The golden titanium barrel not only does its job fine, but it also gives the gun its awesome looks. Few more modifications like the optic on the top and flat trigger just rounds up this modified Glock 19. The flashlight under the barrel is a cherry on the top of a chocolate cake.

What are your impressions about this gun? Let us know below.