‘Expert Lock Picker’ Picks a Gun Lock In 3 Seconds!

3 Second Gun Lock Picked – Credits to LockPickingLawyer

There are many ways to keep your kids safe from your guns, and this 3 second gun lock is surely one of the best. As demonstrated in the video, the LockPickingLawyer will pick the lock from the gun lock.

The 3 second gun lock is a great tool to keep your kids and your guns safe. It is a long steel rod with casting on one end and lock on the other. The extractor gets engaged and locks one end while a key locks the other. This gun lock is long since out of production.

Because it’s made out of steel, it is way better than the other plastic gun locks that are available on the market now. But, after watching the video, can you depend on a gunlock as you did before? Can this stop your gun from being fired?  Let us know below.