Probably, most of you won’t agree with what we have to say about which one is the best long range cartridges. However, this is not just our personal opinion, but from many long range shooters. Answers could not be the same, there were thousands. The only exception was the 300 Win Mag, the cartridge that most of the shooters listed as one of the best five. I know I agree with this and I believe you will too.

When evaluating the answers to find the best five long range cartridges, we have on mind the old saying:

“There are the three “P’s” when it comes to the best of the best long range rifle rounds: Performance, Practicality, and Price.”

And we can all agree on this. We all look for the rounds performance ability, the practicality they have in the field, and finally the price we should pay per round. So, let’s see which ones earned their place on the list of the best five long range cartridges.

5. 50 BMG Long Range Cartridges

You can say what you like, but nothing fired from a human shoulder can touch the 50 cal cartridge. The fuel cell it has is so outstanding that the benchmark 30-06 cartridge was only the basis for it while searching for an anti-aircraft round. The big 50 sends a 750-grain bullet down range at 2700 f.p.s., at the same time destroying almost everything in its path that ranges from barricades to warm targets. Speaking of ranging ability, this massive bullet will stay clear and awake out to 2,500 yards before someone puts a pillow under its head. Shooting this cartridge requires a whole lot of rifle definitely.

Is it practical? No, not really, but is definitely a great deal of fun when shooting off the tops of badlands mud butts at a mile away.

The price per round? Very high. However, through outfits like American Eagle or Century Arms, case lots are half that of much smaller long range rounds.

Performance? Well, we’ll just say – nothing was feared more than an American sniper and his 50 Barrett in the sandbox.

4. 408 Chey-Tac Long Range Cartridges

The 408 CheyTac long range cartridges have a mixed history of both failure and success, but in the area of pure ballistics, this one is a very deadly gunning system. As a total long range wildcat round without parent case, this round is unique. Some may say the 416 Barrett commands earn more respect than the 408, but for those who are a little bit old school, and like the added velocity of the big “8” over the 416, still takes top places. This cartridge sends a 419-grain solid copper ultra high BC bullet down range at 2900 f.p.s., or a somewhat lightweight pill being 305 grains at a blistering big bore 3450 f.p.s.

3. 338 Lapua Long Range Cartridges

Analyzing the whole best long range cartridges theme, in most cases, the real heavyweights in cartridge selection will boil down currently to the 338 Lapua. From price point per round, the grain weight options, the practical applications, and the performance it has at long range, this cartridge is just about the best of the very best for a long range shooting choice. This one is a military generated round that has been developed by the Fins to replace the 416 Barrett, 50 BMG, and the 408 Chey Tac as a long range snipers cartridges.

2. 300 Winchester Magnum or just Win-Mag

This massively popular go-to round, 300 Winchester Magnum cartridge or popularly known as Win-Mag is very popular due to cost per round down range, options in rifle available as chambered in the 300 Win, as well as its performance who ranges beyond 1000 yards.

The US Army has gone to this cartridge when applying a new round to chassis rifles like the Remington 2010 sniper platform or when chambering their turn bolt Remington 700 action sniper rifle, ( M-24’s, ) among others. Snipers needed to get past 1000 yards, which means turning to more cartridge, as well as more bullet to do the deal.

The Win-Mag can hold off mortar crews and small unit snipers to ranges beyond 1500 yards all day long in the mountain of Afghanistan. And as a hard steel target cartridge or a long range big game round this one is a top contender.

1. Hornady’s 6.5 Creedmoor

Dave Emery, a famous ballistic expert broke the mold on this cartridge. Now, after almost 2 years of testing of four different rifles beyond 1000 yards, we can say we are seeing the next rising star in long range shooting

Why we put this one on the top of the list being the best of the very best?

Because the 6.5 Creedmoor is and definitely for a long time will stay a pile of cartridges, will not break your bank account, and is quickly growing in terms of cartridge brand options and bullet types.

We believe that 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge could be the 21st century 30-30 in terms of general popularity down the line.