Meet the War Lock: The best thing to happen to the AR platform since the Picatinny rail

Folks, this is exciting. Our friends at Frontier Tactical have created something truly revolutionary for America’s Rifle.

It’s called the War Lock Multiple Caliber System, or simply the War Lock.

It’s a retro-fit kit that works on almost every AR, which replaces the barrel nut. Once installed, it allows the operator to replace the barrel in just seconds without any tools. You can switch calibers without switching out the upper receiver at the range, in the field or even in the dark.

This allows the shooter to switch between more than 60 calibers — including 5.56mm NATO, 300 BO, 6.8 and even .458 SOCOM — while the upper and optics remain mounted.

This is a neat piece of kit.

It’s so easy to use, even an AK guy can do it.

Kim Kyle, Frontier Tactical’s sales and marketing director, demonstrated the War Lock recently for Mike and me at Young Guns & Safety this week.

Kim said that despite the barrel changes, the rifle will not lose zero. They were ringing gongs at 100 yards with six different calibers, he said.

The possibilities for the War Lock are endless, especially for our warfighters, and they’re interested. Kim could not go into more detail about DOD inquiries.

With the War Lock, our troops can carry their M4s set up with standard 14.5-inch barrels and switch to something shorter for CQB, or 300 BO if they need suppressed fire.

For shooters, the War Lock makes storage and cleaning easier.

MSRP for the War Lock system, which includes the barrel adapter assembly and parts to mount one barrel, is $495. Additional barrel adapter kits retail for $115. This is much cheaper, and convenient, than buying new uppers.

If you have the tools and skills to remove/replace an AR barrel, you can mount a War Lock.

Kim said the engineers are working on a War Lock that will be compatible with free-floating handguards, and another for the AR platforms in .308.

Someday, all ARs will be made this way.