Glock makes military-grade pistol available to civilians

Initially designed to provide the Army with the very best personal protection sidearm in the world, now civilians can get access to the G19X pistol with Glock’s very latest advances for maximum personal protection.

Many Americans are concerned about scenarios like an armed home invasion or a deadly attack in a dark alley. One new solution for self-defense against attacks is the military-grade Glock G19X.

As part of the Army’s Modular Handgun System competition, the G19X pistol was created to ensure that Soldiers had the best, most reliable and accurate pistol to protect themselves in the most extreme and relentless battle conditions.

And this once Army-only pistol has now become available on retailers’ shelves.

A pistol with a purpose – saving the lives of soldiers

A star of SHOT Show 2018, the G19X drew nonstop crowds from law enforcement, military and civilians alike, and with good reason.

The G19X is an excellent pistol that will deliver users maximum reliability in a size that is practical for everyday self-defense and personal protection.

Its origin story is significant.

The goal of the Army’s Modular Handgun System program was to provide soldiers with a new sidearm for personal protection. American military members deserve the very best – and this program aimed to give soldiers the very best pistol.

Companies competed within this program to replace the Beretta M9 as the Army’s service pistol. The M9 had been the sidearm for decades since its introduction in 1986 during the Cold War era.

Some of the best companies in the world participated and submitted pistols incorporating their latest advances and developments. The pistols were all world-class, but in the end only one could be chosen for the contract.

Glock was one of the companies that rose to the challenge and their submission to the Modular Handgun System process was the G19X.

The G19X was created for a vital purpose. When a soldier needs to draw a sidearm to save his or her life or that of a fellow soldier, then that weapon needs to be utterly reliable and accurate.

And a key part of delivering reliability is durability. The pistol needs to be robust enough to withstand years of wear and tear from combat conditions – and still deliver completely reliable performance whenever it is needed most.

G19X was designed to ensure exactly that – so when a Soldier would reach for that G19X sidearm in a life or death moment, it would always perform, and perform accurately.

In the end, the Army chose Sig Sauer’s pistol. The competition was intense and the results hotly debated.

And fans have argued that the Glock was the better weapon.

The G19X

The G19X is a solid solution for enhanced accuracy and maximum reliability – in spite of tough climates and environments.

The pistol comes with a coyote-tan color – a departure from the signature Glock black.

The specially-formulated nPVD treatment looks fantastic and also provides enhanced protection against tough weather like snow or rain. And it shields the pistol against rough and tumble from sand and mud, as well as corrosive elements, according to Glock.

For those familiar with Glock models, the G19X combines the full-size frame found on the G17 with the compact slide of the G19.

A good size for everyday defense, but perhaps not ideal for everyone for concealed carry, the G19X is 7.44 inches long and 1.30 inches wide. It weighs 24.83 ounces unloaded and has a 5.8-pound trigger pull.

Fan of the new Gen5 pistol series? The G19X also includes some of their popular features.

For enhanced accuracy, Glock has incorporated a better barrel crown and the “GLOCK Marksman Barrel” with advanced polygonal rifling.

Some may be familiar with finger grooves found on some earlier Glock models. The G19X frame does not have finger grooves.

This pistol is easy to maintain and – good news for lefties – there’s an ambidextrous slide stop.

When will it be available?

Glock has just made the G19X available to the public. Pistols were set to begin shipping to retailers last week.

The new pistol comes with a coyote-tan hard-sided case, a standard 17-round magazine, two 17+2-round magazines. The suggested retail price is $749.