WHOA: Badass Cop Acts Fast, Shoots Man Armed with Rifle

Douglas County Deputy Brad Proulx was travelling south of Denver during the early evening on Friday (12 May) and stopped when he spotted a white SUV parked at the side of road.

The body camera video shows the deputy walk over to the passenger window, before strolling around to the driver to see if he needed help.

But the six-year police veteran was suddenly confronted with the suspect lunging towards him as he held an assault rifle.

Within seconds Deputy Proulx can be seen opening fire with his sidearm as he falls back to the ground, hitting the car door and the man.

This situation began with an officer aiding what he thought was a motorist in distress. It was actually a motorist in a dress, from the way the kid was screaming. This guy might be related to Stephoknee. Someone with an ancestry.com account should verify.

The cop managed to fire 2 rounds while falling backward for cover. It was all over in seconds. This man reacted faster than the time it takes an SJW to get offended. But with more spectacular glory.

Turns out the perp’s rifle wasn’t loaded. Rather like his cerebellum. Nonetheless, Robocop deescalated what could have been a deadly situation.

Cops are having to duck and fire every day while the media takes shots at their integrity. BLM has managed to turn a large portion of America against our heroes in blue (see REPORT: Police Officer Deaths Surge in 2017. Majorly…). Black Lives Matter ignore statistics saying those with less pigmentation are more likely to be shot by the po-po.

For today, forget Black Lives Matter. Let’s revel in this golden video of a cop reacting like a badass, dropping a perp, and living to tell about it. Sure, sure, his voice went up several octaves, but so did his street cred. I tip my hat to you fine sir.

SourceYahoo News