The Most Feared Main Battle Tank in Modern History

The M1A2 Abrams is an American third-generation main battle tank. It entered U.S. service in 1980, replacing the M60 tank. About 1 200-1 500 M1A2 main battle tanks were delivered to the US army. The M1A2 remains the principal main battle tank of the United States Army and Marine Corps. And it is known as the Most Feared Main Battle Tank in History.

It has incredible technology and armor. Protection of the M1A2 was improved by using depleted uranium mesh at the front of the hull and turret. It offers significant protection against all known anti-tank weapons.

The tank is armed with 120-mm M256 smoothbore gun. Range of effective fire is in excess of 4 km. It can fire the M829A3 APFSDS rounds with depleted uranium penetrator and M1028 canister rounds that discharges massive blast of tungsten fragments at muzzle exit.

This round has devastating lethality against assaulting infantry between a range of 200-500 meters. Ammunition for the main gun is stored in the turret bustle, fitted with blow-out panels. Secondary armament consists of coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun, another 7.62-mm MG mounted over the gunner’s hatch and 12.7-mm MG mounted over commander’s hatch.