World Fastest Shooter Jerry Miculek – Shooting 27 rounds in 3.7 seconds with a 1911 pistol

Jerry Miculek, known as the World’s Record Shooter, gives us our daily dose of coolness in firearms.

If 10 rounds are good, 27 have to be better he says, and that’s one thing about the 1911 platform, there is a thousand variations of it, he is using the 9-mil high-capacity 27 round, he wants to see if he can get them all in one continuous string of fire and see how long or how short it takes to get these rounds on the target.

He shoots all of them for 3.7 seconds, impressive isn’t it! But then again, he is known as the world’s record shooter after all. $60 worth of ammo is wasted on less than 4 seconds, do it for the record Jerry.

What do you guys think of the 1911 pistol and Jerry’s experiment? Share your thoughts with us!