25 years after LA Riots: Korean gun store manager speaks (VIDEO)

Former gun store manager David Joo talks about the day in 1992 when he and other local business owners stuck to their guns to defend Koreatown from looters during the LA Riots.

As part “L.A. Burning: The Riots 25 Years Later” by the A&E network, Joo spoke about the flashpoint in American history sparked in  the aftermath of the Rodney King trial.

Called into work by the gun store owner, Joo said when he arrived and saw police there he though the rioting in the area was under control.

“We are safe,” he said, then quickly added, “But as soon as the gunfighting started, they ran away. Goodbye!”

Spliced with archival footage from the day showing a much younger Joo clad in soft body armor and firing a Beretta pistol, he relates the events in a brief segment.

“In retrospect, it was a dangerous moment and I was scared, but you know even though you are scared you don’t have much option,” said Joo.”You have to fight.”