Cop’s Headshot Ends Rampaging Gunman’s Shooting Spree

Body worn camera footage from a Parker police officer in Colorado shows the incredible events in which a cop responded to, and then ended, an armed suspect’s shooting rampage with a headshot from his patrol carbine on Sept 2, 2016.

The suspect Randy Rodick, 40, was armed with an AK-47 style 7.62x39mm rifle, loaded with a 75-round drum magazine, as well as a pistol. Rodick was said to have been shooting wildly and had already shot one officer, Detective Dan Brite, leaving him in critical condition.

In the video, the cop can be seen getting in a fellow officer’s squad car and rushing toward the suspect’s location. As he gets out of the vehicle, he is given the critical information that the suspect is in the driver’s seat of a crashed RV.

The officer runs up, taking cover behind the open door of an SUV, just 30 yards from the suspect. He raises his rifle, takes careful aim, and with a single shot, ends the dramatic and dangerous situation. Some of the other officer’s didn’t even know what happened at that point, and thought the gunmen had shot himself.

It’s unfortunate that this officer had to take a man’s life, but due to the man’s actions, there was no other alternative. That single headshot most likely saved the lives of other officers and innocent bystanders.