Sunday Gunday: These 6 Glock Pistol Fails Will Leave You in Shock (Warning: Graphic Images)

These Glocks obviously never got that memo. These fails might give you nightmares.

Glock handguns are like any other weapon that tries to harness the power of an explosion, and they can be prone to damage on occasion.

If firing only lead ammunition through a Glock factory barrel, the polygonal rifling can get clogged and increase pressures to dangerous levels. Reloaded ammunition might be badly overloaded.

The Glock barrel below split open at the chamber.

It is unclear whether this is a factory original barrel or an aftermarket one.


This unlucky Glock shooter had a catastrophic kaboom that destroyed his pistol and his hand.

Not much information is available about this incident, but my guess would be a reloaded cartridge with a possible double charge. Carelessness can really hurt…

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This Glock Pistol with an aftermarket barrel had a chamber fail.

Was it the ammunition or the barrel? With not much information to go on, I would again speculate badly reloaded ammunition.


This Glock 20 in 10mm had a barrel fail in the most spectacular and frightening way.

That is a lot of power exiting that pistol in the wrong direction.


Here’s a Glock kaboom that turned a pistol into a shattered pile of scrap.

Look at the barrel, and how much of it is missing… That had to have hurt…


This Glock 21 Generation 4 Pistol is said to have had a case head failure that resulted in this damage.


In most of these Glock fails, many would speculate reloaded ammunition delivered the damage to man and machine. Moral of the story: never shoot others’ reloads, and be very careful with your own. The life and firearm you save may be your own.



  • Jeff Priddy

    Seriously? What a garbage article. Several pics of blown pistols and only speculation of what happened. Next time, keep your junk opinions to yourself. If you post a pic, back it up or shut up.

    • Not Sure

      It states it is 6 glock pistols. That alone makes me glad I didn’t jump on the plastic gun wagon. I’ll agree more infor is needed because it does seem to be a alarmist style of article without it.

  • fleetwrench

    I have seen W W white box factory ammo. Kaboom a Glock 40 cal looked like the last picture.

  • Robert William Weatherby

    some of these look like frankenguns and do you wana bet some were using reloads

    • Not Sure

      No telling. Guys cutting corners thinking they are smart or trying to save even more money by using fast burning powder and then double charging a case. I use powder that takes up 1/2 the case of better so if I were to double charge a case. Powder would spill overand it would be clearly noticeable when setting the bullet.

  • Not Sure

    Cutting corners in reloading is just a bad bad practice. This may not be the issue of this malfunction. After market barrel and hot factory ammo ( again loading for profit / cutting corners ) could be the issue. But one thing is for sure. The poor person’s life has changed for ever.