WATCH: See How Fast This Hero Security Guard Shoots Bank Robber Dead

Talk about going above and beyond! This man just made everyone who works in security proud.

An armed bank robber strode into a Rockford, Illinois bank, thinking he was about to make some easy money. Boy, was he wrong! Brian Harrison, the security guard on duty at Alpine Bank, didn’t hesitate to draw his gun and shoot the would-be criminal literally dead in his tracks, via BizPac Review.

Thanks to Harrison’s actions and quick thinking, none of the three employees on duty at the time were harmed. He’s a legitimate hero — he put himself in the line of fire in order to protect the innocents around him.

The criminal, Laurence Turner, was a 34-year-old drug user, and he was found with opiates and other illegal substances in his system upon inspection of his body. Turner, shot dead by Harrison, won’t be making any more attempts at bank-robbing.

Harrison, the hero of the day, was investigated but found guilty of no charges. It was deemed that his actions were in self-defense.