Instant pest solution: Hand cranked twin 10/22 to the rescue (PHOTOS)

Rock Island Auction has a semi-custom ode to Mr. Gatling with a modern twist that uses a pair of Ruger 10/22’s for those who want to evaporate a bucket of .22LR.

The two blued 10/22 rimfire rifles look to be mounted on one of  Tactical Innovation’s polished aluminum Crankfire kits that uses a crank-activated trigger cam system to eat through .22LR ammo until you want to stop feeding the beast.

(Photo: RIA)

(Photo: RIA)

What is not standard with either a 10/22 or the Crankfire kit is the very nicely done brass pintle base that harkens back to the classic Naval mounted Gatling guns of old.

One of these:

The real deal: a Model 1883 .45-70 cal Gatling on a US naval mount, 10-barrel Gatling would have been a formidable item to behold on any waterborne craft - especially with the Accles drum magazine, holding 104 cartridges inside. (Photo: National Firearms Museum)

The real deal: a Model 1883 .45-70 cal Gatling on a U.S Navy mount. This 10-barrel Gatling with its 104-round Accles drum magazine was big medicine against small torpedo boats of the day. (Photo: National Firearms Museum)

Price on the RIA .22LR lot is estimated at $800-$1,300 and is up for auction at their Feb. 17th event. That estimate is about right when the current rate on a pair of 10/22s, a $400~ Crankfire kit and the custom base is calculated into the equation.

As you can see in the below video of a Crankfire Ruger 10/22 set up (not the exact one shown above), the rounds go pretty fast.