How to turn a paintball gun into a homemade 9mm “carbine” pistol!

Once again, I bring you another installment of “This is why it’s impossible to ban guns” because they’re just so darn EASY to make!

This guy made a home-made 9mm “carbine” pistol from:

* A paintball gun
* Random parts from a hardware store
* hacksaw, dremel, welder, drill press and hand tools

And of course using his brain. In fact, he even designed it from scratch! Check it out:

How to make a homemade 9mm “carbine” pistol from a paintball gun!

 This is neat, because I’ve never built my own gun from my own design. But this guy did.

Talk about simple, but genius!

Pretty neat that he used a Taurus PT111 magazine for this pistol caliber “carbine” pistol build. Like he said, he thinks he can use Sig P226 mags.

Except for the little bit of welding, none of this looks that hard. Pretty neat.

Homemade Guns Are a Learning Process!

This is the same guy, and I found this other video of his, where he shows off all the homemade guns he has made in the past and how well they worked, what went wrong, etc. Some very SIMPLE designs here! Especially the bolt action ones.

Have You Ever Made Any Homemade Guns?

If so, I’d love to hear about it. Share your story in the comments!