All new 2017 “Firearm” spits in the face of NFA regulations, no tax stamp required

Eric from IraqVeteran8888 shows us a new “firearm” that’s making a mockery of modern gun laws.

If you’re familiar with the Origin 12 by FosTech, you’ve probably got an idea where this is headed. This new configuration of the Origin 12 is considered a PGO or “pistol grip only” weapon that is technically not designed to be fired from the shoulder.

Like the Black Aces tactical before it, this is technically not a shotgun even thought it is a smooth bore weapon that fires shotgun shells. This is just a “firearm,” it’s not an SBS, or SBR, but a SBV. Being under 10 lbs, it’s not a “destructive device.”

It’s a weird weapon that comes directly from the factory as you see it in this video. It’s designed specifically to dance all around the modern gun laws, provided you don’t shoulder it.