Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Chicago CCW Holder Stops Robbery With His Equalizer

Three armed robbers (above) stormed into a store in the 7400 block of North Western Street in Chicago Sunday. One employee, with a valid Illinois concealed carry license, drew his equalizer and dispensed some ballistic deterrence toward the offending trio. Two of the three bad guys sprung leaks. All of the offenders made a hasty retreat, leaving a trail of blood that came in handy for police to follow.

Chicago PD nabbed all three. Two of the three perps have been charged with armed robbery with bail set at $900,000. Bail for the third, Simpkin-McDonald, is $250,000. Not only did the three pick the wrong shop, they picked the wrong judge for arraignment. No electronic home monitoring for them…they’ll be cooling their heals in the Cook County lockup. Talk about bad luck for the bad guys.

The Chicago Sun-Times has more:

Three men have been charged after two of them were shot by the employee of the store they tried to rob Sunday night in West Rogers Park, according to Chicago Police. 

Stephon Kinchen, 18; Anthony Simpkins-McDonald, 21; and Neil Thomas, 24, each face two felony counts of attempted robbery armed with a firearm, police said. 

About 9:45 p.m., they tried to hold up the store in the 7400 block of North Western when a male employee with a valid concealed carry license opened fire, hitting two of them before they ran away, police said. They were arrested nearby. 

Not bad shooting against three bad guys.

Thomas shot in the shoulder and treated at Illinois Masonic Medical Center, and Kinchen was taken to Swedish Covenant Hospital with a graze wound to the forearm. Their conditions were stabilized, police said. Simpkins-McDonald was not injured.

No mention of the bad guys firing shots. Could it be they thought they’d pull an armed robbery with airsoft guns? It’s still valid self-defense on the part of the store owner, even if the three were carrying toy guns. Either way, hats off to the employee with the concealed carry license. Bravo, sir. You’ve earned our Defensive Gun Use of the Day!