FANG picatinny mounted stabilizer

A start up company by the name of H.S.S.S (High Speed Shooting Stabilizer, and their Facebook group Mobile Marksman LLC.) is coming out with their flagship product, the FANG. Essentially it is a polymer picatinny mounted device that allows a shooter to stabilize their rifle against a surface while in a crouching or standing position. It works well enough that a shooter can free up his non firing hand and continue to use the rifle, whether that be because of an injury or working with that hand. The founder of the company is a Marine (Infantryman and 1st Recon) and Navy (EOD) Veteran that was looking for something he could add to a weapon system so he himself could shoot better. Check out the video of the product from Rated Red ( couldn’t find a public viewing to share here)


From the website-

The FANG is a lightweight, rail mounted stabilizer, that allows for a more versatile shooting positions by allowing the shooter to stabilize their firearm on various surfaces and maintain positive contact with the support and create a stable shooting platform. The FANG is designed to bite into surfaces as the shooter applies weight into the stabilizer. The FANG also allows the firearm to be rested on various diameter materials via the saddle portion. The angles and edges of the FANG allow the shooter to search and traverse, while still maintaining contact with the surface they are firing on. The device can also acts as a mini-bipod for bracing off of flat surfaces. The FANG can also be used as a devastating strike face.

The material design of the FANG allows it to be dyed, cerakoted, trimmed and stippled, making totally customizable.

The FANG is made from high quality, durable Long-fiber Glass Filled Nylon for added strength and longevity. The Fang is 100% guaranteed against any and all manufacturer defects


Another video from Shooting USA reviewing the device-

Conversations with the inventor reveal that they are already working on a aluminum version. I would just be concerned with the polymer one they have now breaking. However, they mention that the material isglass filled nylon. As a sort of improvised bipod, I’m not even sure something like this has been thought of before. Notice too that the rear portion of the FANG is rounded so as to allow a proper grip from the rear. I think if they enlarged this portion it could be two for one, stabilizing device and forward grip.

From Renteria-

We have numerous ideas for Mod 2, and after feedback we’ll see what comes up. But we made this version because it works and fits more of a variety of firearms. Even the Airsoft guys loved it. LEO’s in the area are testing it for SWAT and Patrol rifles. We have guys from 7th Group testing and some national level 3gun Competitors. We are also going to be working with shooters with physical disabilities where the FANG might allow them to shoot again by being able to be braced and fired one handed. We also have it on pistols.