Careless fool buys his first AK-47 then blames the seller for his own stupidity

The following exchange between a seller and a new gun owner was posted to the AK-47 Facebook group originally titled “I sold this guy my 7.62 saiga. You might get a kick out of these messages”.

Buyer: Fucking thing keeps jamming

Seller: It it not ejecting? Not feeding right? What type of ammo? I have honestly never had any type of misfire or jam

Buyer: Won’t feed ammo correctly. 5.56 right?

Seller: 7.62

Buyer: What’s that?

Seller: 7.62×39

Buyer: Never heard of it

Seller: That’s what caliber that rifle is

Buyer: You told me it was an AK

Buyer: According to Google Saiga AKs take 5.56×45 ammo

Seller: That is 7.62. It is stamped on the receiver

Buyer: I’m gonna stamp your fucking head

Seller: What the hell is your problem

Buyer: I have a gun I can’t use

Seller: Get the correct ammo and you can.

Seller: I seriously cant tell if you’re joking around here? I thought you said you were familiar with ak’s

Buyer: No one fuckin sells it you half wit

Seller: Every gunshop? Walmart? Jesus christ.

Buyer: The ones that shoot 5.56 I am

Seller: Before you come at me with a childish attitude you need to do your research, be familiar with what your receiver says, hell it even said 7.62 on my armslist ad. 7.62×39 is an extremely common round found anywhere

Buyer: There aren’t any wal marts around me. Jesus don’t sell ammo either you sacrilegious cunt.

Buyer: I don’t want to fuckin commie caliber gun

Seller: Nice talking to ya man. Enjoy the rifle

Seller: I’m not 10 years old

Buyer: You just wait

Seller: What’s that supposed to mean?

Buyer: I’ll find the right ammo

The conversation ends for the night, but numb nuts is back the next morning and his comments are dumber than ever.

Buyer: Still don’t work. Picked up some 7.62 and it’s too big now.

Seller: You probably got 7.62×51 or 7.62×54

Buyer: Dude at Wal mart said it would work

Seller: Don’t take a walmart employees word for anything lol
The seller included a photo of the correct ammunition, which is clearly stamped on the weapon.
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Buyer: You about to take this dick if you don’t fix this shit

Seller: I’m not going to help you at all if you keep talking to me like that

Buyer: I want my money back

Seller: Go get the right ammo

Buyer: Tell you what… you buy me some so I know what to get and we’ll call it even. K?

Seller: I sent you a picture

Buyer: That’s what I bought asshole

Seller: I’m not even wasting my time trying to help anymore. You’re a douche

Buyer: Your*

Seller: No. You’re. You’re means you are.

This concludes one of the most painful conversation with poor excuse of a man who should never own a weapon or anything sharper than a feather pillow.