Hi Point 10mm carbine – the hottest $400 rifle carbine in today’s market

Prior to Shot Show 2018, Hi Point Firearms introduced their new pistol caliber rifle carbine chambered in 10mm. The past couple years, the 10mm cartridge has become increasingly popular, as several firearm producers began increasing production of 10mm handguns. Hi Point Firearms, who enjoy a fine reputation for making excellent pistol caliber carbines, created a highly requested and much anticipated 10mm carbine that was met with excitement and open arms from the firearm community. There is no rifle carbine available, chambered in 10mm, that can be purchased for under $400.

Although the Hi Point 10mm carbine looks similar to their other pistol carbine models, it offers a couple features that set it apart. The butt-stock has a spring tension recoil buffer along with an over-sized soft rubber check pad to absorb the additional shock the energy from 10mm offers. A weaver rail runs across the top of the stock that hosts an adjustable rear sight that can be easily be removed to add a scope or red-dot optic. Additional weaver rails surround the for-end of the stock to allow for lights, lasers and/or a fore-grip, which my shooters use on their Hi Point carbines. The grip, single action trigger and thumb safety is consistent with their other pistol carbine models, but the magazine carries 10 rounds for a total capacity of 11 rounds of 10mm with a round chambered.

The 17.5-inch barrel is threaded to allow the shooter the choice of adding a suppressor, which is a nice touch due to the increasing popularity of shooters who enjoy shooting suppressed firearms. This option is advantageous for those who will use the Hi Point 10mm carbine for hunting, home defense or recreational shooting.

At the range, the Hi Point 10mm carbine performed excellent. While using Magtech 180 grain 10mm loads, the rifle fed, fired and ejected each round with ease. The accuracy was equivalent to my Hi Point .45 ACP carbine that I enjoy equally as much. The overasized rubber check pad was appreciated, as the increased energy of the 10mm round was noticeably heavy but easily controlled with this rifle. My range experience confirmed the excitement the Hi Point 10mm carbine has received and further demonstrated why this carbine has been met with so much excitement.