Henry Lever Action .410 Shotgun (Video)

When I heard that Henry Repeating Arms was introducing a lever action .410 shotgun, my first thought was, “Why?” I eventually came to a simple conclusion: Henry jefe Anthony Imperato wouldn’t waste his time (and money) on making a product with no purpose or demand. The question then became, is it any good?

Henry makes these new shotguns in 24” and 20” models. I spent some time comparing the two on their website and opted to go with the 20” model for review.

When I picked up the gun from Sportsman’s Finest, it was exactly what I expected: a standard white Henry box sheltering a lever-action blued steel and American walnut long gun. At first glance, you wouldn’t realize that it’s a shotgun. And for good reason; the .410 shotgun is made on Henry’s .45-70 rifle frame.