Taurus opens claims period for class settlement over defective handgun

As part of a class action settlement agreement, the claims period for owners of defective Taurus pistols opens next week.

The Florida gun maker sent out an email blast notifying class members that the claims period runs Oct. 9 through Feb. 6. Per the settlement agreement, the company will offer three options: a cash payment, enhanced warranty, and safety training.

The options will allow participants to either receive up to $200 cash in exchange for the defective pistol or owners to have their pistol inspected and repaired for no charge. Taurus will also publish free online training videos and materials instructing how to properly operate and handle the Taurus pistols in question.

The company will cover shipping and handling costs, but asks class members to review state and federal regulations before shipping the materials. Detailed instructions are found on the settlement website.

In July, a federal judge approved the settlement agreement, which could cost the company up to $239 million. A range of Taurus pistols contain an alleged defect that allows the gun to discharge if dropped.

Taurus pistols subject to the defects include the Millennium, Millennium Pro, Millennium Pro Compact, Millennium Pro Sub-Compact, 24/7, and others.

The lead plaintiff in the case, a sheriff’s deputy from Iowa, was injured when his Taurus pistol discharged when the handgun hit the ground after it fell out of its holster as he pursued a fleeing suspect. He never touched the trigger.