STEN Suppressed Sub Machine Gun

Check out this video review of STEN, the sub-machine gun. STEN or submachine gun STEN was a family of submachine British of 9 mm caliber, used by the forces of the Commonwealth during World War II and the Korean War .

Its most notable features were its simple design and low production cost. The name STEN is an acronym derived from the names of the leading designers of the weapon: Major Reginald Shepherd, Harold Turpin and EN field, the town where is located the Royal Small Arms Factory (RSAF) of London.

The official designation was Carbine, Machine, STEN (Carbine, Machine Gun, STEN), although it should not be confused with the common definition of the carbine. The STEN was a typical submachine gun, while carbine refers to a short and small caliber rifle.

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