How To Draw Your Pistol in a Car – Defensive Pistol Tip from SIG SAUER Academy

Adam Painchaud from National Shooting Sports Foundation | NSSF gives us some tips for carrying a concealed carry while on a vehicle. He keeps his pistol on his waist, he tells us to keep in mind that since we have to put on a belt every time we drive for safety, we might have trouble when wanting to exit the vehicle in an urgent situation, however it does not affect taking out the concealed carry in any way.

The tactic he uses to take out his firearm is simple, lean to the left and grab the steering wheel for a tighter grip, and simply take the firearm out.

If any of you spend a lot of time on vehicles another option is having an ankle holster, since you only need to raise your leg to get it, also a shoulder holster would do just as good on those situations.

What do you guys think about these tips? Let us know!