Check Out The Most Advanced Silencer in the World – OSS Suppressor OTB

Meet the most advanced suppressor in the world – The OSS Suppressor OTB. This is a video review of the suppressor which rocked the world on DoomsdayBrothers YouTube channel. The guys are demonstrating how the OSS ; Over the barrel suppressor reacts, since it’s relatively new and still the internet has no information available.

Check out the video and see this amazing high tech silencer in action.

This suppressor is perfect for the ones who aim for least amount of gas blowback through the barrel, as well as sound suppression. This is a new back pressure design which reduces the overall fouling. The suppressor reduces the sound both on the muzzle and at the ejection port, keeping the balance of the sound while shooting.

What are your thoughts of this new high tech suppressor? Would you consider having one for your rifle? Let us know in the comment section below.