The Hudson H9 Pistol: Half 1911, Half Glock… the Future of Handguns is Here!

Hudson Mfg. is gearing up to announce their first new product, the American-made Hudson H9. One look says a lot: this handgun does things differently.

The H9 has seven patents to its name, all towards one goal. Hudson wanted to create a striker-fired service pistol with modern features, built around a 1911-style single-action trigger. The result is a modern double-stack service pistol chambered for 9mm Luger with the time-tested ergonomics of a 1911.

There’s a lot of interesting things going on with the H9. It has a very low bore axis and full beavertail grip. That indicates that the H9 will have less felt recoil when shooting rapid strings of fire. That should be easy with a 1911-style trigger set at 4.5 to 5 pounds.

In order to achieve this low bore axis, Hudson moved the takedown pin and recoil assembly down in front of the trigger guard. This definitely gives the H9 a distinct, futuristic profile.

The trigger is a modular design. It uses a trigger safety like most striker-fired pistols but it can be modified to use a manual safety or safeties. Users can install left- or right-side manual safeties or both for ambidextrous use. The pistol has ambidextrous slide release levers and a reversible mag release, too.

The rest of the on-paper specs look good for the H9. It measures in at 5.2 inches tall and 7.6 inches long with a 4.3-inch barrel. It’s just 1.24 inches wide. That puts the H9 in line with the bulk of mid-size service pistols — big enough to handle most tasks and still concealable.

Compared to alloy-framed handguns it’s weight is average. The pistol weighs 34 ounces unloaded. Standard magazine capacity for the H9 is 15+1, right there with other medium-sized handguns.