Okay All You Gun Experts . . . What Is This?

four barrel gun

What Is This Gorgeous Four-Barrel Masterpiece?

After you take this beauty out of your gallery, you can shoot a can, take down some good size game, and bring home a pheasant for dinner, without reloading or switching guns.

With the incredible engraving and impeccable woodwork this piece of art looks like a custom made Fanzoj four-barrel rifle. Properly referred to as a Vierling (three barrels is a Drilling). Here are a couple more versions of their lust-inducing artwork. What do you think?

THE FANZOJ ‘BEAR POKER’ Sidelock four-barrel rifle. Shotgun with ejectors.

The Fanzoj Philosophy: We want to build fine hunting arms – unique, individual pieces of highest artistic and technical value – handcrafted by true masters of their trade with only one goal in mind: to realize the personal vision of the individual Fanzoj customer.

The Fanzoj ‘Bergstutzen.’ Over/Under rifle with one larger, one smaller rifle caliber. Available as selfcocking, manual cocking or with outlying hammers in any combination of calibers