Вully Тakеs оn Nеw Кid In Тоwn, Gеts Bеatеn Intо Nеxt Wееk

Anyone who’s ever been the new kid in town can testify that it sucks balls; not only is it awkward as fu*k but the friendless freaks always try to snare you in their web on solitude and the local bully will invariably try to turn you into their newest victim.

Well, the new dude in this video wasn’t having that…

During his first day at a new high school, this new guy was challenged by the local bully to a fight in the car park after school. What the bully appears to not have been aware of is just how game for a scrap this new guy is.

The fight starts and, immediately, it’s already looking bad for the bully; new guy is bobbing, weaving, and throwing faints like someone who has an idea what to do in a fight situation.

He dodges bully-boy’s shots and catches him with a few of his own before closing the distance, initiating a clinch, and executing an absolutely savage takedown.

Onlookers can be heard gasping as bully-boy is delivered into the concrete by way of a heavy body-slam. A few of them get involved and try to break things up before new guy completely ends him; he gets off a bit of ground-and-pound before telling his would-be tormentor “You’re gong to respect me, motherfu*ker!”

And just to show the bully who’s boss (as if he didn’t already know by this stage), new guy drags his ass across the concrete for good measure.

Being the new kid in town is terrible; not only do you have zero friends but freaks and bullies start to come out of the woodwork in order to befriend/fight you. This guy decided to fight back and the result is spectacular!