New Product: Full Conceal at SHOT Show 2017

Full Conceal is in the SHOT Show’s NEXT Pavilion showing off their M1 and M2 concealment systems designed to reduce the overall height of a carry gun. In effect, we’re talking about chopping down the grip frame of a polymer, striker-fired gun — they’re starting with GLOCKs but will expand into other models — and implementing two options for the pistol’s state of readiness.

The M2, seen above, is carried with chamber and mag well empty. A loaded magazine connects to the frame’s accessory rail and actually inserts through the front of the grip to reduce the effective length.

This is a full-size G17 mag, and Full Conceal’s baseplate/mount actually increases capacity to 20 rounds. A folding trigger is employed so the magazine can take up residence here. When this package is in a pocket, the almost perfectly-square footprint is extremely similar in size to a cell phone.

To put the M2 to work, the magazine is pulled forwards off the rail and out of the frame, then inserted as usual. The trigger automatically flips down into position.

The M1 is a bit different, in that a shorty magazine is inserted in the grip from the get-go. This allows for 7+1 carry. Under the accessory rail is a spare magazine, seen in 10-round flavor in the photos here. By removing the front of the trigger guard, that magazine sits closer in and limits the length added to the pistol.

While I don’t believe it would be safe to do so until the operator intended to actually fire the gun, it isn’t difficult to insert one’s trigger finger in the gap between trigger and top round. Doing so takes up the trigger safety blade and a little bit of the GLOCK trigger’s pre-travel. The weight of the aluminum mag carrier and a loaded, 10-round (or more) magazine should dampen recoil and muzzle flip.