A Bayonet for a Revolver? Forgotten Weapons Checks One Out

It certainly was done, as proven by this World War I revolver bayonet. Ian from Forgotten Weapons tells us all about the Pritchard Bayonet for the Webley Revolver.

When your Webley Revolver is out of ammo and you’re deep in the trenches, what do you do? Well you mount your Pritchard Bayonet on your Webley Revolver.

A British officer as Ian from Forgotten Weapons explains came up with this idea. The historical story behind this bayonet idea is very interesting for us history buffs. The revolver bayonets also had to possibly be hand fitted to each revolver making them not so universal. Not many of these bayonets were ever made making the real one really scarce. There are plenty of reproductions floating around though.

Special thanks to Ian from Forgotten Weapons for sharing his video on this beautiful historic revolver bayonet.