U.S. Military Has Submarines That Could Kill Entire Countries

United States Submarine Force a portion of the United States Navy responsible for fleet operations by using submarines. US Submarine Force is operationally subordinate to the commander of naval operations (chief of naval operations) and direct current exercise command commander of submarine forces (Commander, Submarine Force) and the command of Pacific fleet ComSubPac (Commander, Submarine Force, US Pacific Fleet).

There are currently four types of ships in service: Los Angeles , Ohio , SeawolfAnd Virginia organized in 6 squadrons and five battle groups stationed in seven bases: Kitsap (Bangor), San Diego , Pearl Harbor , Guam , New London (Groton), Norfolk and Kings Bay . Composition of the modern American submarine constitutes 7% of the US Navy, and its ships account for 25% of the total fleet fleet.

The American submarine, one of the chronologically oldest underwater fleets, next to the German U-Bootwaffe is the submarine fleet that has historically been the most successful of all submarine warfare fleets. The underwater submarine of the US Navy is the only one that has had a strategic success in its combat operations, leading to the economic collapse of the Japanese empire , depriving Japan of the raw materials necessary not only for war but also for physical existence.