John Wick 3 is Happening. More Guns, More Action, More Dead Bad Guys

The director of ‘John Wick: Chapter 2,’ Chad Stahelski, confirmed in an interview with Collider that filming could begin on the third installment in the tale of John Wick, with Keanu Reeves returning to play the super assassin, as early as this year depending on “how fast we can get out shit together.”

During the interview, Stahelski stated the script for the newest ‘John Wick’ film was still in development, so it’s not yet known exactly what the plot will entail. However, audiences can likely anticipate more of the stylized violence for which the franchise is known as well as a whole litany of firearms to be made available to the film’s starring character and those seeking to do him harm.

It also isn’t known if Stahelski will actually direct the third movie. While he was the co-director of the first ‘John Wick’ film, working alongside David Leitch, Stahelski took full directorial control over ‘Chapter 2’ when Leitch pursued another project. And, while Stahelski is the prep director for part three, he is also involved with the ‘Highlander’ reboot.

“Currently, I’m acting as a prep director,” said Stahelski. “Hopefully everything will work out time wise.”

Leitch is also otherwise occupied as he is busy working on ‘Deadpool 2.’

However, Stahelski asserts that the current direction for the character is clear, which may reassure fans even if a new director does end up involved.

The announcement of the third film isn’t likely a surprise to fans. While the first ‘John Wick’ film had a rather satisfying conclusion, creating a solid end point that could have easily stood on its own, ‘Chapter 2’ featured a cliffhanger. Additionally, the second movie in the series grossed nearly twice as much as the first, demonstrating how interested moviegoers were in seeing how the character’s story played out.

Stahelski also confirmed some revelations about the main character are due, and the information will be presented within the action. “It’s not about you finding a hidden book or secret map about who John Wick is,” said Stahelski. Instead, the story is designed to “give you a couple more pieces and let you stitch it together.”