VIDEO: ISIS Sniper Is About To Finish Off Soldier… Then EPIC Move Makes Escape Possible

In this epic video, an Islamic State group sniper had a soldier cornered and was about to finish the soldier off … until the soldier did something totally unexpected and changed the situation completely.

This is one of those tactics that can only be described as “out of this world.” In a video posted to YouTube, we are able to see this tactic played out in live combat.

The YouTube video, titled “ISIS sniper has young Iraqi soldier pinned…….watch what happens,” showed a young soldier pinned behind a rock. Bullets from the Islamic State group sniper’s weapon continually fly all around him.

They make extremely close contact, with some bullets landing near the soldier’s feet. That is when this soldier decided to get creative.

He squatted down out of sight and pulled off his backpack. Then he took his scarf off and began to wrap it around a stick.

At first, it looked as if he was creating a surrender flag … but this soldier had other things in mind. He then took something else out of the backpack and wrapped it on the top of the stick, making a thick ball. Then he took off his own hat and placed it on top of the newly fashioned ball.

Yes, he made a decoy!

In this epic move, the soldier then lifted the decoy up over the rock, and immediately the decoy was shot, which in turn gave the soldier ample time to escape.

This is absolutely insane, but it worked. Even though his helmet was shot to pieces, the soldier got away. I wonder if they actually teach this method of escape in their training sessions.

Or maybe this guy is just as badass as he seems all on his own.

Check out the awesome video below:

H/T Reagan Coalition