Destroying An Oak Tree With 30 Lbs Of Tannerite

How effective are 30 pounds of Tannerite? Indeed, at least, sufficiently capable to blow this oak tree down.

Witness what 30 pounds of Tannerite can do to an oak tree.

TwoTexanFilmCo shared an intriguing approach to dispose of an old oak tree. Why not simply explode it?

After the wedge was removed of the doomed oak tree, Tannerite was conduit taped to the tree.

With a specialist rifle shot to trigger the Tannerite, this tree trunk detonates.

Down comes that tall tree, rapidly. Presently, that is the easy approach to fell a tree.

Before experimenting with Tannerite or different explosives all alone property, better check if it’s really lawful in your general vicinity. Have a fabulous time and be protected.