[VIDEO] Colorado Student’s Warning To ISIS Is Going Viral : This Is Awesome

A young Colorado woman has made a video that has circulated and been viewed over 66,000 times.  Comments are over 25,000.

Her warning to Islamic terrorists may seem laughable to them at the moment.  But it is only a matter of time before this escalates to the point where we can no longer be ignorant or lazy.  Our country and others in the Western Hemisphere are experiencing terrorist attacks at an alarming rate.  Terrorists are finding more and more ways to infiltrate countries like France and Turkey through refugee programs.  Our lack of security is appalling all in the name of not “offending” anyone non-American.  The terrorists are using our compassion against us.  Forged documents are easily obtained in the Middle East and so there is no real way to know who is entering our country.

Remember Pearl Harbor in 1941? Islamic terrorists could sabotage our military, our hospitals, our law enforcement, our business centers, and our government.  They could cripple us before we knew what happened to us.

What we need are leaders who care more about the American people than political correctness.  Who will come up with a simple, quick plan to deal with Islamic terrorists.