Ballistic Armor Maker AR500 and H&K Produce Real Life Boba Fett Bullet Proof Armor

Have you ever wanted to rock some real life Boba Fett armor that can also protect you from modern firearms?

Then ballistic armor maker AR500, known for their affordable steel armor, has teamed up with gunmaker Heckler & Koch, artist Ryan B Flowers (who designed the actual armor and helmet), along with Surefire, SOG Knives, Team Wendy, Metalhead Photography, Armasight and TEA Headsets to produce just such a set of armor.

Flowers has been producing the armor for airsoft players, paintballers and anyone who wants it for quite a while. By teaming up with AR500, they were able to produce the real thing using an AR500 Guardian plate carrier and steel plates to provide real ballistic protection. The helmet is made from a legitimate Team Wendy ballistic helmet with Flowers’ stylized design. That flip down, helmet mounted optic? Night vision from Armasight.

 The Mandalorian-inspired ballistic armor can actually protect against many modern rounds, however the exact level of protection isn’t yet known. Most of AR500’s offerings protect against most handgun and rifle rounds.

We’ll let you just enjoy the photos posted to the AR500 Facebook page for a minute.



Also no word on if this is just some promotional armor or if this is something you’ll be able to order in the near future.