Testing the custom 410×76 NAIL shotshell in a ballistic format at approximately 25 feet. Using a variety of targets including gel ballistic testing media that was calibrated perfectly to match some random specification determined by no one in particular. Test gun is the Arsenal SGL41 Saiga 410 shotgun. 18″ barrel, spray painted, with red wood furniture. Filmed with three Sony HD AVCHD Camcorders. Edited in Final Cut Pro X.

This is the 410×76 NAIL shotgun slug. We take a handful NAILS and convert them to a combination glue / nail slug. Conceptualized as the russian nail gun wacky shotgun load we discover than this load actually has serious power, penetration and aiming capabilities. Despite all of this, the round is very dangerous and should not be built by novices or shot out of low grade equipment. Yo Dawg we put a nail in yo bullet so you can nail while you quail. The Title of this video is: WEAPONIZED Nails – Russian AK47 NAIL GUN

Answering questions that operators are afraid to ask. Mattv2099 takes a scientific and objective approach to the minutia of the shooting sports. Answering important questions and inventing life hacks the Operator Science playlist serves both as education and entertainment. From weird and crazy custom shotgun loads to PhD dissertation level science this is the place for both education and entertainment operations.

What happens if you shoot items out of a shotgun that were not meant to weaponized as high speed, low drag projectiles? From ballistic tests to supersonic flashlights, we test conjectures that few operator have the time or inclination to invent. Creating wacky shotgun loads is one of the funnest things you can do in the shooting sports. These videos are an attempt to share that fun and entertainment with you. Thanks for watching.