Bolt action rifle ordered turned in by Australian officals as it’ s too ‘assaulty’ (VIDEO)

The Australian Border Force are giving owners of Riverman rifles 30 days to turn in their operator assisted firearms as they look too much like banned semi-autos.

The Riverman Gun Works OAF series rifles are made in Idaho and about 100 or so (numbers vary) have been imported into Australia. Now, as reported by News 7 Brisbane, the gun is now outlawed and officials want them turned over to Border Force.

The “bungled buyback” could cost tax payers down under as much as $1 million Australian (about $790,000 US).

The two-page letter sent to Riverman owners officials state that the reclassification “has been made due to the firearm being substantially the same in appearance as a fully automatic firearm, specifically the Stoner CQB Mod 2 rifle.”