Forward Defense Munitions L5 Caseless Ammo Rifle

Forward Defense Munitions, Co. brings the firearm into the 21st century by directly addressing dangerous design flaws in current systems, which lead to overheating and jamming, and result in limited sustained firepower!

Now this is new! A caseless ammunition rifle from Forward Defense Munitions. Takes blocks of 5 “charges” and fires them through 5 bores, in semi-auto / sequential mode or all at once, cycling more blocks through the action automatically and ejecting spent blocks.

Ammo blocks can be continuously fed through the left side of the gun. Charges are fired electronically.Interesting stuff!

FDM’s design focuses on:
• Preventing overheating
• Minimizing jamming
• Enabling greater sustained firepower

The new system utilizes a multi-bore barrel, a new ammunition delivery system, electronic fire control, and an entirely new action!