Four armed teens tried to rob a Marine in his own home, they never stood a chance

Alexander Borrego, a Marine veteran and Texas homeowner, taught four teenage hooligans a lesson they’ll never forget.

The night after Thanksgiving Borrego was relaxing in his driveway waiting for his wife and two young daughters to join him doing nothing. “The chair was right here, I had my feet propped up,” Borrego said to Fox 26 News. “[My daughter] was outside playing in the garage. I had the garage door open. She had just went inside and I was bugging my wife to hurry up and come out so we could hang out and do nothing,” he explained. Seconds after his daughter went inside, four strangers stepped onto his property.

”He runs behind me, puts the gun to the back of my head and told me to get up,” says Borrego. As the armed thugs attempted to move him into the garage, Borrego knew he had to do something fast to protect his family. ”That was the only way into the house so my first reaction was to get away from the garage door and go to the front door where it was locked. We were in a struggle right here. They were pulling me this way.”

Fortunately Borrego had a pistol in his pocket. “Before pulling the trigger, my last thought was ‘we’re all going to die right here because none of them are going to get in the house,’” Borrego said.

The Marine and protective father was in a bad situation. The threat was behind him and a gun was pressed against his skull. “I’m a lefty and I just turned like that and swatted the gun away from my head,” Borrego said. With his free hand, Borrego drew his pistol and shot the gunman twice, once in the chest and once in the leg.

The four cowards ran, but the injured gunman quickly fell behind. Borrego followed, intending to provide first aid to the man who just threatened his life. “I wasn’t going to let him bleed out and die on the street like some dog,” Borrego said.

The gunman turned out to be a young teenager who lived just a few houses away. His three accomplices ran to his home and alerted his mother who drove the teen to the hospital. The gunman survived and is recovering from his injuries.

Borrego told Fox 26 that he believes his home was targeted because the teens thought he was alone. He says God blessed his family that evening. ”That was divine intervention. That was the Lord. That was the Lord,” Borrego said.

Source: Americangg