3 More CIA Operatives Confirmed Killed in Afghanistan

The United States has been fighting in Afghanistan since 2001. During that time, many American soldiers and Marines have been killed. Up to this point, 15 CIA operatives were known to have been killed. That number has now risen to 18 as the deaths of three others have been officially confirmed.

Brian Ray Hoke, 42, (below) and Nathaniel Patrick Delemarre, 47, were killed by ISIS militants outside of Jalalabad in October 2016. George A Whitney, 38, was killed in December of the same year.

The names of Hoke, Delemarre (below), and Whitney appeared on the CIA’s memorial wall in Langley, Virginia. Their memorial marks the first public acknowledgement of their deaths.

Hoke and Delemarre were members of the CIA’s Special Activities Division (SAD). SAD conducts espionage and also trains advanced fighters. As The Daily Mail reports, these men are part of a group that takes on “high-risk deniable missions.”

The conflict in Afghanistan poses a huge dilemma for America. This is the longest war our nation has fought.

“We are going to be fighting this war for a very long time,” Ken Stiles, a former CIA counter-terrorism analyst, told the Mail.  “How do we maintain the level of experience and expertise in a war that is going to last for another 20 or 30 years or longer?”

As the Mail reports, “at least 18 CIA employees of have been killed while serving in Afghanistan since the September 11, 2001 attacks.” These are the men and women who have given their lives:

  • George A Whitney, 38, killed December 2016 near Jalalabad in unclear circumstances.
  • Brian Ray Hoke and Nathaniel Patrick Delemarre, 42 and 47, killed October 26, 2016 while raiding an ISIS compound near Jalalabad.
  • Dario Natale Lorenzetti, 42, killed October 13, 2012 when a member of the Afghan intelligence service detonated a suicide vest in an insider attack.
  • Jay Henigan, 61, killed September 25, 2011, in Kabul when an Afghan security worker at a CIA facility opened fire with a pistol. He was a plubmer and CIA contractor.
  • Harold Brown, Jr., 37, killed December 30, 2009 in a suicide bombing at Forward Operating Base Chapman, near the city of Khost in East Afghanistan. Brown and others had gathered to debrief the attacker, who was incorrectly believed to have
  • been turned to work for the CIA. Brown was a CIA case officer.
  • Elizabeth Hanson, 30, killed in the Chapman attack. She had been a CIA targeting analyst at Kabul Station.
  • Darren LaBonte, 35, killed in the Chapman attack. He was the CIA handler for the bomber. He had been a former Army Ranger and SWAT team officer in Illinois until September 11, 2001. He then worked for the US Marshals Service and the FBI before joining the CIA in 2006.
  • Jennifer Lynne Matthews, 45, killed in the Chapman attack. She had been the chief of the base since 2009 and, according to one official, was ‘one of the US government’s top experts on Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.’
  • Dane Clark Paresi, 46, killed in the Chapman attack. A security contractor and highly decorated retired US Army Master Sergeant.
  • Scott Michael Roberson, 39, killed in the Chapman attack. He was the CIA base security chief, and a former undercover narcotics officer in Atlanta who had worked with the UN in Kosovo.
  • Jeremy Wise, 35, killed in the Chapman attack. A security contractor and former Navy SEAL.
  • Donald Barger, 40, killed in 2008 in a Taliban ambush; had succumbed to his wounds before Hoke and his men could save him.
  • William Carlson and Christopher Glenn Mueller, 43 and 32, were killed October 29, 2003, after being ambushed while tracking terrorists near the village of Shkin in southeastern Afghanistan.
  • Helge Boes, 32. He died on February 5, 2003, when a grenade exploded prematurely during a live-fire exercise.
  • Nathan Ross Chapman, 31, killed January 4, 2002, while directing troops from the back of a truck during a top-secret mission in Khost, East Afghanistan. His death was not acknowledged by the CIA until April 2016.
  • Johnny Michael Spann, 32, killed November 25, 2001, by a Taliban mob in a riot at Qala-i-Jangi prison. He killed eight men with a pistol before falling. He was the first CIA operative to die following the invasion of Afghanistan.