Abe Lincoln Statue Vandalized In Chicago – Locals Take To Social Media To Call Him Racist

Chicago, IL – In the most dumbfounding vandalism of the year, somebody set an Abraham Lincoln statue on fire in Chicago on Wednesday, according to 15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez.

The monument has stood near 69th & Wolcott St since it was erected in 1926. It is now blackend by fire.

By all appearances, somebody dumped accelerant on the bust and then lit it on fire.

According to Alderman Lopez, Chicago PD is investigating who committed the act and what their motivation was.

Abraham Lincoln, who led the Union to victory in the civil war and ended slavery, appears to be an unlikely target for vandalism. At least, that’s what I would think. Based off of the comments of some locals, Abraham Lincoln was a racist who said a lot of “racist shit.”

Also, if you stand up for Abe Lincoln, you’re a “suspected racist.”

NOTE: Some comments were removed from the above thread for readability.

Technically, the statue could be considered to be in the classification of “civil war monuments” which have come under fire of late, but the controversial monuments are on the Confederate side.

The statue was originally erected by the owner of the Lincoln Gas Station when Wolcott Street was known as Lincoln Street. Not much else is known about the statue.

The statue had been in disrepair for many years before the vandalism. Resident Pearlin Fields told dna info years ago that the statue was so worn, she doubted that the average resident even knew that the statue was supposed to be of Abraham Lincoln.

This leaves us to wonder. Did some idiot in Chicago see a statue and assume that all statues are racist now? Did they specifically target the Abe Lincoln statue? Was it committed by some neo-Nazi who was inspired by the destruction of confederate monuments? Was it somebody with Antifa who wanted to frame the pro-monument crowd? Was it somebody with the pro-monument crowd who wanted to frame Antifa?

Considering the statue’s history, only locals would be likely to be aware of its existence. My guess is that it’s a local idiot who wanted to jump on the statue-destroying bandwagon. What do you think? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.

Source: Bluelivesmatter