Chinese QN-202 Handheld Missile Launcher

During the Airshow China 2018 exhibition held in the China International Aviation Exhibition Center (Zhuhai, China) Chinese Wuhan Guide Infrared Co., Ltd has introduced a new man-portable missile launching system called QN-202.

According to the company’s description, the QN-202 launches fire-and-forget type missiles with a maximum range of two kilometers.  The launcher comes with a backpack that stores six missiles. The weight of a single missile is 1.2 kilograms (about 2.6 lbs) which means the full load of the backpack is 7.2 kilograms (roughly 16 lbs).

Judging by what we can see in the images, the QN-202 launcher has a collapsible stock (note the slot on top of the receiver and notches on the stock), pistol grip, vertical front grip, and a scope. Interestingly, instead of a top Picatinny rail which seems to have become a standard scope mounting platform worldwide, the QN-202 looks to have a proprietary sight mount.

You can also see the barrel inside the receiver. Presumably, the missiles are muzzle-loaded into the launcher although the shape of the very front portion of the receiver reminds a hinged construction. Note also that the loaded missiles protrude over the muzzle.

The QN-202 is most likely larger than the Raytheon Pike missile but both systems have about the same advertised effective ranges. This missile system should be quite effective against lightly armored vehicles and can be a very valuable asset on the modern battlefield thanks to its mobility and range.

Unfortunately, there is no more information about this weapon system, that’s why at this moment all we can do is make assumptions about its design based on the few available images. If you have noticed something interesting in these images or if you know more about this weapon, please tell us in the comments section. We’ll be following the developments around the QN-202 weapon system and as soon as we find out anything new, we’ll report it to our readers.

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